Health Accidents Are Growing With Pokemon Go Trend

It was 3:30 in the morning in Baltimore as 3 cops stood by one another talking.  Barreling down the road was a driver not paying attention.  Slamming into the police car near feet away from the three officers, debris flew everywhere.  After checking that they were all right, the police turned to help the driver.  Upon getting the driver out, they realized that the driver had been playing Pokémon Go.   This latest incident is the last in a string of car crashes that have left players hurt and property destroyed.  In Auburn NY, a 28-year-old driver crashed their vehicle into a tree.  Before that, a 15 year old from Pennsylvania damaged her foot and collarbone after wandering into a highway looking for Pokémon.  Simply put, health accidents are growing with Pokemon Go trend.   Pokémon Go   Pokémon Go is the latest video game released under the Pokémon franchise.  It combines a cult classic TV show and card game with a fun and exciting mechanic previously under utilized in video games.  In particular, it uses augmented reality to place Pokémon in the world around the player.  Free to buy, the video game is a fun and exciting way to get out and about in your community.  It rewards walking and gives […]

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Accidents Are A Bigger Risk With Pokemon GO Drivers

Every year, Americans will be injured and die behind the wheel.  Even with the best possible laws and awareness of the road, drivers can make mistakes that are sometimes fatal.  A reason for government is to set into place a framework for how laws are observed and how we can live in safety and security.  Every once in a while, something will come along that will make us rethink how we are approaching the current laws out there.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to look at a new game that is proving to be both a benefit as well as a potential threat to the safety of people.  In particular, we will look at how accidents are a bigger risk with Pokemon Go drivers.  What is Pokémon Go and what are the reasons that these people are at risk?  Let’s take a moment to find out.   What Is Pokémon Go?   Have you ever heard of Pokémon?  Chances are that if you are a Millennial, then you have definitely heard of this franchise.  Even those who are older can recognize the name and the brand.  Pokémon has been a part of American culture for the past 20 years.  Created by a Japanese company, Pokémon came over to the US where it found incredible success.  A love child of Millennials and beyond, Pokémon has a special place in the hearts of many.   The […]

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Property insurance in Pennsylvania

Property insurance in Pennsylvania is a smart choice

Owning a home isn’t easy which is why millions of individuals make the smart choice of buying property insurance in Pennsylvania. Now, having coverage might seem like a dream come true for many people, but don’t get carried away. There are a huge number of things that you property insurance won’t cover, and it will be completely up to you to answer for the costs associated with these exclusions. Make sure you know what your policy will pay for and what it won’t by reading through the information below. What are the Common Exclusions of Property Insurance in Pennsylvania? Building Code Upgrades – Sometimes, people who have their homes damaged secondary to natural calamities or accidents want to avail of building code upgrades during repairs. Generally speaking, traditional property insurance in Pennsylvania will not cover any upgrade costs, so you’ll have to avail of that with your own funds. The thing about insurance is that they will only reimburse you for the amount you originally insured. If your patio extension was worth $10,000 USD when you got your insurance, they’re only going to give you funds within that range and not anything more. There are some insurance providers that will offer you’re a rider that can cover a small amount of the costs associated with getting building code upgrades, but you will have to wait for your home to incur damage before you can make a claim. Floods – Typical property insurance doesn’t include floods in their policies, so if you think you’re at risk of getting flood damage, you should buy flood insurance as a separate […]

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medical insurance in Pennsylvania

Be ready with medical insurance in Pennsylvania

Saying that you won’t buy insurance because you plan on avoiding accidents and injuries is like taking a gamble with your life as the bet. As careful as we might be with ourselves, one thing is for certain – those who have ever fallen into accidents or medical conditions never wanted any of it to happen. Becoming the victim of an untoward incident or developing disease and illness is not in our control, that’s why we should always be ready with medical insurance in Pennsylvania to help cover the expenses of medical treatment. First time buyers almost always find themselves baffled by the many technicalities that surround the world of insurance buying. The information can be so overwhelming, in fact, that many are deterred and choose to look the other way instead. This shouldn’t be a reason for you to skip out on buying medical insurance, though. If you want to become medical insurance savvy, read on through the terms below to get a better grasp of the ins and outs of coverage. Common Terms in Medical Insurance in Pennsylvania Deductible – When you buy your insurance plan, your provider will designate a value called a deductible. Now, your deductible will usually range anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 USD (or more) depending on what you and your insurer have agreed upon. If for example your deductible is valued at $1,100 USD, you will first have to pay this amount for medical services before your insurance provider will start funding […]

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Automobile Insurance in Pennsylvania

Automobile Insurance in Pennsylvania could be confusing

Buying automobile insurance in Pennsylvania could be a little confusing, but it’s essential nonetheless. Many states require drivers and car owners to insure their cars with at least minimum coverage in order to keep everyone safe on the road. The last thing you want is to cause an accident you don’t have the funds to answer for. Of course, it’s always a great feeling to have an insurance policy to back you up if and when those unexpected accidents occur, but do you actually understand what your insurance policy states? Find out what all those technical terms and confusing statements mean with this quick and easy guide to understanding automobile insurance. Common Sections Found in Automobile Insurance in Pennsylvania The Declarations Page – This page includes all the basic information about you and your insurance, so you better make sure it has all the right details before you sign your contract. You don’t want to get involved in an accident only to find out that your policy won’t cover you all because your name was spelled wrong. It might sound silly and unlikely, but it has happened in the past. See to it that all the little snippets of info are correct to avoid any problems with your insurance provider.On the declarations page of your automobile insurance in Pennsylvania, you’re like to find the name of the insurance company, the name of the policyholder, the policy number, policy period, description of the vehicles insured, coverages purchased under the policy, limits of liability, deductibles agreed upon, annual premium charge (usually split down per coverage), and probably a list of the form […]

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Getting the Best Pennsylvania Health Insurance

With the passage of The Affordable Care Act in 2010, everyone must have health insurance. You have several options: get insurance from your employer, from your spouse’s employer, through the state funded marketplace, or through individual plans that you purchase yourself. No matter where you decide to go to get your health insurance, there are certain things you have to keep in mind when meeting with an insurance agent. First you need to decide exactly what you need. If you are a young, healthy male who is not married and has no children you can get by with minimal coverage and a high deductible. If you are a growing family and thinking about adding to it you will need a plan that covers office visits, prenatal care, maternity benefits, and emergency room charges. For middle aged people who are beginning to feel their aches and pains they will want to find a plan that includes co-pays for specialists and rehabilitation. How much can you afford? This is the part that is the hardest to figure out. You may want to work with an insurance agent who can help you find the best plan for you at the best prices. The things he or she can work with are higher deductibles to keep regular visits and co-pays down. Check to make sure that your plan has discounted rates for prescriptions. When you find a plan that you like and one you can afford, make sure you know exactly how the plan works. If you get involved in an HMO because the price is low you may find that having to get your primary care physician to refer your every move will cost you more time and money in the long run than you are willing to put out. Make sure that your current doctors are in the network of […]

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Required for Pennsylvania Car Insurance Coverage

Required Coverage for Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

No matter where you drive in the United States you have to have car insurance. This law is in place to protect you from financial ruin in case you were involved in a car accident. You would have to pay actual medical and auto repairs rather than just an insurance premium. Each state has its own minimum requirements for liability insurance. You will need the following required coverage for car insurance in Pennsylvania: Medical coverage – this will pay your medical bills as well as anyone else who is on your policy whether you were at fault or not. You must have at least $5,000 in coverage for this. Bodily injury – you must have at least $15,000 in coverage to pay the medical expenses and possible rehabilitation fees for anyone you injure in an accident where you were at fault. You also must have $30,000 to cover injuries for anyone else who may have been injured as well in the other vehicle. The $30,000 is for the entire accident and can be dispersed among all of the people involved. Property damage – you have to have at least $5,000 in coverage to pay for the other person’s car or property that was damaged in an accident that you caused. You also must decide whether you are going to choose a limited or full tort. You can save money if you choose the limited tort. If you choose the full tort you can sue the party that is negligent. The following are not required but you may want to add them to your policy.

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What You Need to Know About Pennsylvania Insurance

If you are new to the state of Pennsylvania you will have to make sure you get all of your insurance needs taken care of. You will need to have car insurance in order to drive anywhere in the state. If you have bought a new home in the area you will want to make sure that you have your homeowners insurance in place. And if you haven’t already signed up for healthcare, you have to, whether it is through your work, your spouse’s job, or you need to find an independent company and decide on the coverage that you need. First up is car insurance. It is against the law to drive in any of the states in the US without it and if you are unable to provide proof of insurance if you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer you could face a fine, suspension of your driver’s license and registration, and your car could be impounded. In order to drive in Pennsylvania you must have the following minimum amounts of liability insurance in place: $15.000 to cover the bodily injuries or death of one person who is in the other car that was involved in the accident $30,000 is to cover the bodily injuries or death for more than one person in the same accident. $5,000 is to cover the damage to the other person’s car or additional property that may have been damaged due to the accident such as a telephone pole or a fence. $5,000 is to cover first party medical bills. When you purchase a house you will need to get […]

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